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Plasma Quench is one of our best selling products to date. We currently sell these products in 5, 15, 30, and 55 gallon containers. 

We run our Plasma Quench products at a 1:33 ratio which means less water and more product for our customers. You will go through less product with our products than the other fluids on the market. 

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Products We Offer


Plasma Quench ALU Blue is a safe and effective Plasma cutting fluid for both steel and aluminum. Our ALU Blue is a premium all-in-one solution for your cutting needs. Plasma Quench ALU Blue is a safe and effective liquid material designed to eliminate corrosion, rancid odors, and insect infestation without the use of any toxic biocides. It is an effective coolant and sound suppressant. Plasma Quench ALU Blue is designed to be safe to use in schools and in your home shop as well as large scale production. With the help of our Plasma Quench ALU Blue, your table will run smoother and longer, protecting your investment and keeping your business running. 


Plasma Quench 44 is an industrial strength plasma fluid used for maximum corrosion protection. Plasma Quench 44 is specifically designed to cut only ferrous metals and more commonly used in large scale manufacturing such as automotive, military, and architectural fields . Plasma Quench 44 is a workhorse and will provide your table with superior corrosion inhibiting properties, effective sound suppressant technologies, and rancidity control to prolong the life of your table.

*Due to Plasma Quench 44’s strength, it is not to be used with Aluminum


Plasma Quench P-200 is a powder material designed to be used in stagnant or agitated water tables to eliminate steel corrosion. Plasma Quench P-200 is formulated to be used in large open tanks commonly where plasma torch, oxy–acetylene and M.A.P.P. gas metal cutting operations where water is employed as a coolant and sound suppressant. Plasma Quench P-200 exhibits superior tank life and needs only to be discharged when it is found necessary to clean out the holding tank or water table. A build in green indicator aids in the proper control of the solution concentration.


Anti-Spatter 581 is a unique, highly effective, water based liquid material specifically designed to prevent “weld spatter” from adhering to adjacent welding metal surfaces. Anti Spatter 581 is intended to be used without dilution to insure proper concentration levels and ease of use for production welding. It can be sprayed on with a hand held sprayer, brushed on with a fine dense brush, or rolled on with a fine nap paint roller.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is the difference between Plasma Quech 44 and Plasma Quench ALU Blue?
    • Plasma Quench 44 is for STEEL only. You cannot cut Aluminum under any circumstances with the Plasma Quench 44. It will create a toxic gas. The Plasma Quench ALU Blue is specifically designed to cut BOTH Steel and Aluminum.Both Products protects against corrosion and additionally contains an additive that will work like a biocide to fight rancidity. 
  • What is the difference between Plasma Quench 44 and Plasma Quench P-200?
    • Plasma Quench P-200 is a powder form of the Plasma Quench 44. However, the powder form will not act like a biocide and will only protect against corrosion. Shipping will also be more costly for the Plasma Quench P-200. Also keep in mind that you will need to mix this product with water in a bucket before adding it to your table.
  • How Much Plasma Quench will I need for my Plasma Cutting Table?
    • Plasma Quench 44 and Plasma Quench ALU Blue: 2-3 gallons per 100 gallons of water. (2%-3% to charge) 
    • Plasma Quench P-200: 2-3lbs per 100 gallons of water.
  • When cutting metals, I have splatter, do you have anything that can help with that?
    • Absolutely! Our Anti-spatter is highly effective at reducing  your “weld spatter” from adhering to adjacent metal surfaces. With this product, you will spend less time sanding and more time in production. 
  • Do you offer a distributor program for your Plasma Quench products?
    • We sure do! Please reach out by sending us an email to get set up as a verified Plasma Quench distributor. Our high quality  products come highly recommended and your customers will know why. We can ship directly to your customer or offer even better bulk order distributor pricing.