Filter Cleaners

-CCC-26-A (Steel Filter Cleaner)

This is a heavy duty alkaline powder cleaner formulated to rapidly remove grease and oil from steel hood filters. It is completely safe to use on all steel surfaces. It’s primarily used in a hot tank with some agitation but can be used a room temperature.

-CCC-29 (Aluminum Filter Cleaner)

CCC-29 has been trusted in the field for over 30 years. It’s specifically designed for aluminum filter and will work with steel filters as well. CCC-29 can be used in a hot tank or at room temperature. CCC-29 can also be used to clean pots and pans and soak tanks. CCC-29 is manufactured and sold at a more economical cost than other aluminum filter cleaners in the industry.

15 minutes in hot water solution. Faucet rinse *Not pressure washed*