Hood and Duct Cleaners


This is our bestselling hood and duct cleaner for the last 30 years! HD-26P incorporates a state of the art surfactant system designed to remove all types of grease leaving only a fresh pine scent. When mixed this product turns green to help you see where you’ve cover. HD-26P is used as an exhaust and floor cleaner.

Duct Blaster

Duct Blaster is a time saving hood and duct cleaner that works great on heavy greases. This very thick liquid is designed to hold onto the hood until it has penetrated the grease. Just a light coating over the entire surface is all you need! It can be used straight or diluted depending on your pump/sprayer. This product will save you time and money on your labor costs.

Duct Clean (Non-Caustic)

You read it right! A non-caustic duct cleaner! We believe this specific powder is the safest hood cleaner on the market today! It works best when mixed with hot water and put into a pump-up sprayer to apply to hoods. This product is safe on aluminum!

Note: Please observe all precautions on the drum/pail and SDS before using this product.

Power Lift 2DG

What can we say about Power Lift 2DG. It can be used as a pretreatment on very heavy hood greases. It can be cut back 50/50 and used to clean any leftover grease that the hood cleaner did not. It can also be used as a floor cleaner!!! Everyone who has tried Power Lift 2DG loves it and even found new ways of incorporating it into their cleaning process.

Aceto Hood Cleaner

Aceto Hood Cleaner is a heavy-duty powder formulated to clean and degrease in on step. Aceto incorporates a state of the art surfactant system designed to remove heavy grease from hoods and ducts.

Acido Hood Cleaner

Acido Hood Cleaner is an extra heavy-duty caustic hood cleaner with a surfactant system to help lift the grease off the hoods with a fresh pine scent. This is the strongest powder hood cleaner we have developed to date!!!

Duct Shine

Duct Shine is our stainless-steel polish that we’ve been supplying to the industry for over 30 years. Duct Shine is comparable to Sheila Shine at a WAY lower cost. It will leave hoods and ducts with a long-lasting shine and a citrus fragrance.

NOTE: Duct Shine should NEVER be used on any food surfaces.

Filter Cleaners

CCC-26-A (Steel Filter Cleaner)

This is a heavy duty alkaline powder cleaner formulated to rapidly remove grease and oil from steel hood filters. It is completely safe to use on all steel surfaces. It’s primarily used in a hot tank with some agitation but can be used a room temperature.  

CCC-29 (Aluminum Filter Cleaner)

CCC-29 has been trusted in the field for over 30 years. It’s specifically designed for aluminum filter and will work with steel filters as well. CCC-29 can be used in a hot tank or at room temperature. CCC-29 can also be used to clean pots and pans and soak tanks. CCC-29 is manufactured and sold at a more economical cost than other aluminum filter cleaners in the industry.


Caustic Soda Beads

Caustic Soda Beads come in 50lbs bags or 50lbs pails (5gal). Great for the Hood Cleaners that like to add their own soap mix or to use as a booster to one of our caustic cleaners.

Caustic Potash Flake

Caustic Potash Flakes come in 55lbs bags or 45lbs pails (5gal). Great for the hood cleaners that like to add their own soap mix or to use as a booster to one of our caustic cleaners.

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