Plasma Quench

Plasma Quench is a liquid material designed to be used in stagnant or agitated water tables to eliminate steel corrosion, rancid odors and insect infestation. Plasma Quench is formulated to be used in large open tanks commonly where plasma torch, oxy–acetylene and M.A.P.P. gas metal cutting operations where water is employed as a coolant and sound suppressant. Plasma Quench exhibits superior tank life and needs only to be discharged when it is found necessary to clean out the holding tank or water table. A build in green indicator aids in the proper control of the solution concentration.

Anti–Splatter 318

Anti–Splatter 318 is a non toxic liquid that stops splatter every time while leaving no residues that inhibit further processing such as
painting or galvanizing, contains no silicones or any other ingredients that may affect painting or any other further process. Welders working with stainless steel will appreciate the ease with which the stains and oxides are removed, as well as lack of splatter. 

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